Mastering Life with ADHD: A Journey of Resilience and Triumph with Steven Horne-Ep 3

In today’s episode, we have Steven Horne. Steve is a Men's ADHD coach and mentor working both, online and 1:1 in Scotland. He  helps men master their ADHD to live happy, frustration free lives. 


Some of Steve’s proudest accomplishments include: 

-4 Years in the Scots Guards working closely with the Royal Family 

-Co-founding a hugely successful bar in central London

-Completing his coaching diploma and going "all in" as a coach 

-Overcoming mental health problems, suicidal depression and alcohol issues

-And Thriving after his ADHD diagnosis in 2020 at age 45 


In this episode, we discuss:

-What is was like working in the Scots Guards

-What life was like after the military

-Why Steve became a life coach

-How to embrace ADHD

-How to look at both sides of ADHD, the positive and negative

-And how to improve your focus.


Connect with Steve

Linkedin: Steve Horne 

Instagram: stonecarvercoaching 


Connect with Matt:

LinkedIn: Matt Findora 

Instagram: mattfindora 



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