Conversational Intelligence with Rob Kee-Ep 4

In today’s show, we have Rob Kee. Coming from both a corporate and nonprofit background Rob has operated in senior management roles in the area of Organizational Leadership Strategy, training, equipping and transforming individuals and teams for over 30 years. As a Specialist in the Neuroscience of Conversation, Rob is one of the few globally Certified Coaches in the ground breaking field of Conversational Intelligence®. He works with executives and those who function in a leadership capacity to effectively take their communication to the next level.  Rob is also the author of “Point of Decision-God’s Provision vs Man’s Solution.” And a contributing author to “Called to Coach.” 


In this episode we discuss:

-Defining conversational intelligence

-How we can improve our communication

-How paying attention can improve our connection

-and much, much more


Here’s how to connect with Rob:

Website: Robkeesolutions 

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LinkedIn: Rob Kee Solutions 


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Instagram: mattfindora 

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