Youth Development with Jordan Kerner-Ep 5

In today’s episode, we have Jordan Kerner. Jordan is the Executive Director of The RespectTeam in Fort Wayne, IN.  He has accumulated over 11 years of youth service experience through coaching, small group leadership, teaching, and now non-profit leadership. During this time, he has had the opportunity to study the human condition at a pretty close level. He couldn't help but fall in love with the process of meeting people where they are, and help them move forward. On Nov 8th Jordan became a published author with his first book, "The Head & The Heart: An Internal War." He loves to write, and stay active with his friends, and is a host of a few podcasts, "Joy on Tap," and "The RespectTeam Podcast". 


In this episode we discuss:

-How the youth can get involved with leadership

-How teenagers can become a board member

-The RespectTeam and where it’s headed

-Jordan’s book “The Head & The Heart: An Internal War"

-and much more


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How to connect with Jordan:

Instagram: ja_kerner


Email: [email protected]


Buy his book: The Head & The Heart: An Internal War 


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