From Italian Immigrant to Personal Branding Expert with Diane Marie Pisera- Ep 7

In today’s episode, we have Diane Marie Pisera. Diane is a multifaceted entrepreneur and the founder of the­­­­ DMC Strategy. Immigrating from Italy with her mom at nine years old has given Diane the grit and resilience to start multiple businesses. She is creating her very own American Dream and breaking through the generational cycle.

She helps entrepreneurs elevate and expand their brands through thoughtful digital /social media marketing so they can focus on what’s truly important to them, their work.


In this episode we discuss:

-What it was like to immigrate from Italy at a young age

-The importance of being an immigrant as it relates to being an entrepreneur

-Imposter syndrome

-Why you need to start a personal brand now

-How to create a personal brand

-and much more!


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How to connect with Diane:


Instagram: dianemarie_pisera or dmbconsulting


LinkedIn: Diane Marie Pisera


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