The Teenage Brain with Dr. Miriam Mandel

In today’s episode, we have Dr. Miriam Mandel. Dr. Mandel is a board-certified pediatrician. While working with children and raising two of her own, she realized the importance of mindfulness and self-soothing skills that can be nurtured from childhood into late adolescence. Building upon this foundation, her research suggests that young people can develop into happier, healthier adults while enhancing a sense of self-esteem using simple tools such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques, and a bit of understanding about habitual behaviors and the brain. She is a health and wellness coach for teens, young adults, and parents of adolescents.  She strives to help eliminate whatever suffering these young people and families are going through daily. 

Dr. Mandel’s research in this area has spanned more than 14 years, and she has been honored to work with students in elementary schools and grade schools.  Additionally, she has performed education sessions for educators K-12, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and university and graduate students.  This well-rounded applied research over an extensive period has provided Dr. Mandel with a unique perspective on the importance of teaching individuals to live happier, more productive, and less stressful lives.

In this episode we discuss:

-How to create a safe environment for our kids

-How the teenage brain works

-Things that could potentially harm their brains

-and much more!

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