The Importance of Taking Care of Your Gut with Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki- Ep 9

On today’s episode we have Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki. Dr. Rosemarie Rutecki is a distinguished Pharmacist and Board Certified Functional Medicine expert, trained at the Institute of Functional Medicine. She excels in identifying the root causes of bodily imbalances, focusing on nutrition, digestion, detoxification, immune function, hormones, and metabolism. Dr. Rutecki's comprehensive approach empowers clients to attain optimal health and peak performance. As a mother to two incredible children, her journey through motherhood stands as her most cherished accomplishment. Each day, they inspire her to grow and learn, with one of them even guiding her towards her calling as a Functional Medicine Practitioner.

In this episode we discuss:

-Differences between prebiotic and probiotic

-What a leaky gut is and how to take care of it

-How food and drinks effect the gut

-Signs of a leaky gut 

-and much more!

Hopefully after listening to this episode you learned how important it is to take care of our gut.  If you would like to learn more or you’re ready to take action now, Dr. Rutecki has a 30 day training in which you can improve your gut health.  If you’re a listener of The Choose to Live, Love and Grow Podcast, then you can use the code livelovegrowth10 to get a $10 discount off of the training.  An incredible amount of information at a significantly low price.


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