The Manifest Quest with Chynna Presley-Ep 11

On today’s episode, we have Chynna Presley. Chynna Presley is a self-proclaimed 'multipotentialite' or 'jack of all trades'. She has spent nearly two decades serving Northeast Indiana in a variety of roles. Using her bachelors in social work and her masters in organizational leadership, and her insatiable thirst for knowledge, context, and application, Chynna strives to effect positive and lasting change in people and community systems. In addition to her nonprofit work, she recently tried her hand at entrepreneurialism, launching two businesses in the last three years. At Mezzo Management Solutions, Chynna coaches other leaders and facilitates group cohesiveness sessions for organizations. In her latest venture, she launched a lifestyle brand with her 10 year old daughter with plans to expand services in the next 6 to 9 months. At home, Chynna enjoys spending time with her beautiful, witty child and her embarrassing number of houseplants.


In this episode we discuss:

-Her journey

-Restorative rest


-Being authentic

-And much more


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Instagram: chynnaspeaks

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Facebook: Chynna Presley


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