Surviving Brain Injuries with Nick Krantz-Ep 12

On Today’s episode, we have Nick Krantz.  Nick Krantz is a Husband, a Father to 3 Boys, a Nutrition coach + personal trainer, 2x traumatic brain injury survivor & 18x Concussion Champ. He Started an online training/nutrition coaching business in 2019 until his 2nd TBI in December 2019, where he was forced to fight to heal and continue his coaching business. Now after 3.5 years, all conditions are in remission and has returned to performance coaching in full force.  

Things we discuss in today’s episode:

-The journey of surviving concussions and TBIs

-The importance of a support system

-Setting a foundation for being a better you

-And so much more.


How to connect with Nick:

Instagram - neurofitnick


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