Understanding Hypnosis with Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang-Ep 14

On today’s episode I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang. Dr. Luyi Kathy Zhang is a certified integrative life coach and hypnotist, hospice/palliative care doctor, and host of The Purpose Filter podcast, the show that shares deathbed wisdom and actionable shortcuts to live a more meaningful life. Her mission is to share the lessons of the dying to help us focus on what’s truly important so we can live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives while we still have time to enjoy them.

Topics we discuss include:

-Deathbed wisdom as a hospice/palliative care doctor

-What is hypnosis


-Feeling safe during a session

-And so much more

How to connect with Kathy:

Instagram: @dr.luyikathyzhang

Linkedin: Kathy Zhang, md

Website: luyikathyzhang.com

Podcast: The Purpose Filter


How to connect with Matt: 

Instagram: mattfindora 

LinkedIn: Matt Findora 

Website: mattfindora.com



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