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goals passion purpose success Nov 01, 2022

What is success? Success looks differently to everyone and we believe it can't be simply defined, but it can. Success is happiness. Happiness is different for everyone which is why we all look at it differently.

Consider money. Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it lowers unhappiness.  The ability to be financially free is a goal most people have so that they can go after what they want with less limitations.

The Process for Success

So, in order to be successful, you have to clearly define what makes you happy and it has to be deep and meaningful. Don’t sit down and define your happiness saying you want to be fit and healthy. Define it deeper than that. Ask yourself what is fit and what is healthy or else you won’t be able to achieve that level of success. You might begin to attack your shallow goals and end up getting discouraged because you’re not feeling happy about your progress or results. Dig deep and be SPECIFIC.

Clearly define what makes you happy and write down your action plan to achieve it. Those action steps are your GOALS and again, be SPECIFIC.

Once you’ve defined what makes you happy, you have to define WHY it makes you happy. The why is extremely important because you will find yourself in difficult situations where you just want to give up. You’ll question why you’re going through those difficult times or why you’re not seeing the results you want fast enough. That PURPOSE is what will get you through the difficult times.

If you’ve defined what makes you happy and why it makes you happy, you will exude PASSION toward your goals. That PASSION you have will translate to your entire life and make your life fuller and happier.

If you have PASSION and PURPOSE, then DISCIPLINE will be second nature for you. DISCIPLINE is the legs and the hands that keep you on the path you intended. That’s the grind that you have to unleash each and every day. Grinding is what is going to give you the progress you need to keep pushing forward. If you think you’re giving everything you have and you’re not seeing any results, then your mind will begin to wander and ask “is this really worth it?”

When it comes to DISCIPLINE, you have to realize you will only get out what you put in. That means if you put forth 50% effort, the most you will see in your results in 50%. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you do that. You have to give more than 100% effort, if you want to maximize your results. Keep grinding!

The last concept to consider is ACCOUNTABILITY. How do you hold yourself accountable on your action plan, on the goals you set for yourself? Sometimes that can be a family member or a friend. It can be a coach of some sort or it can even be a journal. Whatever you choose, ensure that it works for you. Your mindset is different from other people's mindset. 

Sometimes our happiness is drowned out by the daily grind of life. You might have a 9 to 5 job, children or other priorities that have to take the forefront of your energy. But, if you are truly PASSIONATE about success and your happiness, then you can find a way to be successful.

Let’s recap:


Write specific goals to achieve success

Remember your why, your purpose

Fill your goals with passion

Discipline yourself and find a way to grind each and every day

Hold yourself accountable


Thank you for reading.  Don't forget to motivate yourself, elevate your mind and inspire others.

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