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Hi, I'm Matt Findora and I help young men overcome victim mindset so they can achieve purposeful life goals. 

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Why invest in a mindset coach?

Imagine your son, stuck in a cycle of self-doubt and negativity, unable to see his potential or set meaningful goals. Without the right guidance, he may continue to succumb to the victim mindset, feeling powerless and directionless. The cost of not investing in his growth is more than just missed opportunities; it’s a future where he may struggle to find purpose and fulfillment, leading to long-term emotional and psychological consequences.

Let's empower our young men's minds

Working with me provides your son with the tools and strategies to break free from negative thought patterns and embrace a proactive, goal-oriented approach to life. He will gain clarity on his aspirations and develop a concrete plan to achieve them, supported by ongoing mentorship and accountability. As he learns to navigate challenges with confidence and resilience, you’ll see a remarkable transformation in his attitude, motivation, and overall outlook on life. The value of this coaching extends beyond immediate results, setting the foundation for a lifetime of purpose and fulfillment.

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I met Matt while we served in the Marine Corps together. As my Staff Sergeant, he was a natural mentor to me, yet he went beyond that role. Whether it was working on our writing skills, giving us opportunities to speak publicly followed by feedback, or helping us set ourselves up for life after the military, he prepared us to become more well rounded professionals. His genuine care for others is what makes him a great life coach. We have remained good friends since separating from the Marine Corps, and is someone I still go to for advice in both my career and life.


I have known Matt Findora for quite a while, and one thing that has always stood out about him is his willingness to help with whatever problems you may have. Matt has helped me with many things in my life, especially when I was feeling lost or severely misunderstood. His advice has always helped me navigate these turbulent times, often helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I always find Matt to be endearing and genuine, he really lets you know that he cares about you and the issues you’re facing. I recommend Matt’s coaching services to anyone who is searching for a little help with their direction in life.

Jordan Kerner

Matt is a man of extraordinary character and competence. Since I have met Matt, I have known him to be incredibly passionate about people, their wellbeing and development.  Matt has been a speaker for the RespectTeam for the last few years where he has presented in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of local teens about the importance of self-respect and respect of others. Matt has a great ability to connect with others, and a big enough heart to care about their growth. 

-Executive Director of RespectTeam

Windy Cobb-Johnson

Matt is a mentor for The Journey.  He attends programming and engages with our mentees. He also shares his time doing 1:1 mentoring with a mentee. He helps our teens and young adults feel heard, seen and valued. He is an asset in helping us create safe space for healthy conversation.

-Founder and Executive Director of The Journey

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Hi, I'm Matt Findora


As a man who lived his childhood secluded with a victim mindset, I know what it's like to feel let down, behind where I wish I were and shame.  I spent my adulthood building myself into the man I wanted to become. What helped me was the Marine Corps, mentorship and an insatiable hunger to grow.

You have the opportunity to create a foundation for success at an early age.  You may feel stuck now, but when we work together, we will repurpose those feelings into passion and hunger.

Here's how it works: 1st you'll book a free call to see how we can work together, you'll then take an onboarding assessment to dig deeper into where you're at and where you want to go. Then we'll conduct bi-weekly coaching sessions to improve our fundamentals.

So, book a call today so you can stop missing opportunities and grow into who you are meant to be: a young, confident man who loves his life and where it's headed. 

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