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Hi, I'm Matt Findora and I help young men overcome victim mindset so they can achieve purposeful life goals. 

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Is your son's mindset decided by anxiety or peer pressure?

Teaching him the skills he needs to better control his approach to success and reaction to what happens in his life is essential. Often times, young men struggle with committing to themselves and their future due to the pressure of their parents, peers, and society at large. 

I'm not saying that parents and peers intentionally distract young men with what they want for them, but it doesn't change the fact that it happens more often than we know. 

When you and your son decide to work with me as their mindset coach, we will all work together in a process that will help your son create the life he desires.

This will result in:

  • an increased quality of life for your son because his self-awareness will grow, and he will be more confident in being himself.
  • a stronger relationship between you and him as it is proven that teens trust their parents more when they see their parents invested in their future without bias
  • a higher chance of success because young men are more likely to give their all when they're passionate about their future
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Hi, I'm Matt Findora

My journey in helping other young men started when I joined the Marines back in 2011. I focused my efforts on being an instructor for the air traffic control and gained a tremendous passion for developing other leaders. With my experience serving in the military, I learned how to help young men get their mindset right and create the results they desire.

Does your son or nephew, want to get more out of life, but negative self-talk is holding them back? When he learns to manage his mind, he’ll be blown away at how easy it is to build the exact life he always wanted.

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Looking for a free resource that will help your son get clear on their goals, create action plans, and take action?

Read my blog for content that will truly help your son be the best version of himself while giving you tools to help!

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I met Matt while we served in the Marine Corps together. As my Staff Sergeant, he was a natural mentor to me, yet he went beyond that role. Whether it was working on our writing skills, giving us opportunities to speak publicly followed by feedback, or helping us set ourselves up for life after the military, he prepared us to become more well rounded professionals. His genuine care for others is what makes him a great life coach. We have remained good friends since separating from the Marine Corps, and is someone I still go to for advice in both my career and life.


I have known Matt Findora for quite a while, and one thing that has always stood out about him is his willingness to help with whatever problems you may have. Matt has helped me with many things in my life, especially when I was feeling lost or severely misunderstood. His advice has always helped me navigate these turbulent times, often helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I always find Matt to be endearing and genuine, he really lets you know that he cares about you and the issues you’re facing. I recommend Matt’s coaching services to anyone who is searching for a little help with their direction in life.


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