New Year, Better Me

goals improvement Jan 03, 2023

Now that we have begun the new year, I get to hear one of my biggest pet peeves: New year, new me.

Why is this such an irritating thing for me to hear? It's like a light signal for those who won't accomplish their goals.

When people say "New Year, New Me," they are negating who they've been their whole lives.  They believe that this is the year where all of their dreams will come true.  But just because it's a new year, does not mean that their drive will suddenly exist when it didn't before.  When people make that realization, they end up quitting. 

The new year can bring a false sense of hope.  Don't get me wrong, it should be full of hope, but how people are channeling that hope is incorrect.

We all have years and years of experience, good, bad and indifferent.  These experiences helped shape us into who we are today.  A lot of these moments became our core memories and/or our foundation.

When we begin to believe "New Year, New Me," we are forgetting our foundation, our values and our standards.  We should not be trying to reinvent ourselves, but building upon our foundation.  That is why we should adopt the mentality "New Year, BETTER ME." 

Each year, we should be trying to improve ourselves and make that year, our best year. In order to do that, our self-awareness has to be regularly in use.  We have to consider our strengths and our weaknesses and evaluate them during our goal setting process.

If you know your work schedule effects your diet and exercising, then adapt that plan to something you know will push you out of your comfort zone, but also is achievable. 

This year, don't reinvent yourself, but improve upon the foundation you built.

Motivate yourself, elevate your mind and inspire others.

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