Purpose and Progress

goals mindset purpose Mar 28, 2023

Purpose and progress are two concepts I turn to when discussing being stuck in life or simply unhappy. 

When you're stuck in life, action is what is necessary to get unstuck, but it's not just any action.  The action required has to be clearly defined.  We define this action by being clear on our purpose.

How do we define our purpose?

Our purpose is so unique to us, that there is not just one way to find it. Every once and awhile, it's important to reconnect with your purpose. Your purpose is flexible, as in it may change every time you sit down to think about it. There are seasons of purpose, too.  This year may be the season of giving to your community, but next year it may be about starting a non-profit business.  The beautiful thing is, there is not right or wrong answer when it comes to your purpose.

Even when you believe you find your purpose, life happens and that purpose may change in 5 or 10 years.  That's ok. Your purpose is a guiding principle in your life.  It's the North on a compass.  There is no age requirement to know your purpose.  You don't have to know what your purpose is right after high school or college.  You can take the journey to figure that out. Don't put any stress on yourself for not knowing exactly what it is, but it's a great idea to at least have a loose interpretation, until you can get clearer on your purpose.

Things to consider when defining your purpose:





Questions to ask yourself:

-What am I drawn to?

-What experiences have I really enjoyed?

-Is there a problem in the world that I am passionate about solving or making a positive impact on?


Once you've established a purpose, you can begin making progress.  You cannot make progress without a purpose, just like you cannot simply have a purpose without making progress.  If you establish your purpose, but take no action, then you're still robbing yourself of the joys in the world.  Action must be taken.

Your purpose becomes your guiding principle in life and the progress you make should be tracked. Make it visible how much progress you're making.  You can track habits, journal or get feedback on the progress you're making.

Purpose and progress go hand in hand.  You cannot have progress without a purpose.  You can take action, but it would be the same as throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks.  It would be going through the motions, hoping to catch some dopamine.

When you feel stuck in life or unhappy, reflect on your purpose and progress.  Establish a journey for yourself that you feel is rewarding and you feel passionate about.  Create action steps or goals that can help track the progress you make. Continue redefining your purpose.

Choose to live, love & grow.

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