Word For 2023

Jan 10, 2023

Each year we create a New Years Resolution, but recently I changed my approach. Instead of a resolution or a specific goal, I choose a word to embody my journey for that year.  It’s important for that word to push me closer to my dream and also push me outside of my comfort zone.

Last year, my word was creation.  I was focused on creating a business, a new website and social media content.  It taught me a lot and definitely put myself out of my comfort zone.  I’m still growing from that decision.

This year I chose the word COLLABORATION.  Success does not come to individuals accidentally, but with the help of other people.  Even when people think that no one has helped them and that they climbed the mountain all by themselves, they didn’t.

Everyone has someone they aspire to be like.  Many people have mentors or coaches.  We all have had teachers whether through education, books, videos or experience.  The point is, we don’t just learn things all by ourselves.  We learn from the actions and experiences of others.  That means, when we become successful, it is through the act of other people and not just sole our own actions.

So, of all of the words I could have chosen, why did I choose collaboration?  When you begin a business or a new chapter in your life, it’s important to get in front of the right people and to also learn from those who may have paved the path before you. Connection and networking are vital for your success.

For me, I’ve been an introvert all my life and growing up, I was unfortunately not given the chance to socialize.  I had to learn my communication skills once I was an adult and joined the military.  Even then, it has been a journey to learn to connect in social settings.

So now, I’m reaching out to new people online to get to know them better and how I can support them, while also going to social events in the local area.  Both have their unique challenges to navigate, but both are equally important to succeed in.  

Using collaboration as my focus of 2023 is both important for my growth as a business owner and mindset coach, but also as a human being.  It can be a very scary thing putting yourself out there, but it’s absolutely worth it.  I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

My vision is to help make the world a better place by developing people to be the best version of themselves and the only way to make that type of impact is through the help of others.  People helping people. 

What word are you embodying for 2023?

Choose to live, love and grow.

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